What it takes survey


Please describe your current profession:
Type of profession:
Major product/service:
How long have you been in your profession?
Your greatest challenge of your profession?
Your greatest achievement to date:

In what type of home environment were you raised?
Middle Class
Lower Middle Class
Challenges faced as a youth?
Please describe what you were like, behaviorally, between the ages of 4 and 14:
What challenges did you face as a youth?
What life lessons did you learn as a youth?
Who positively influenced you as a youth?
Are you doing today what you dreamed of when you were between 4 and 14?
If yes, what was your dream?
Did or do you have a mentor for your profession?
If yes, how did they specifically help you?
What is most gratifying about what you do in your profession?
What drives you to succeed?
What are the most important lessons learned in your profession?
What lessons have you learned as a successful person in your:
Professional life:
Personal life:
How do you define success?
How would you define a successful person?
In your opinion, what does it take to succeed in organizations today?
How would you define Super-Achievers?
In their professions:
In their personal lives:
What advice would you give working professionals today?
In your opinion, what characteristics/attributes, if any, are missing in young professionals today?
Your early life.
Describe your family:
Hardships you had to overcome as a youth.
What positive or negative influences from your parents/guardians, helped shaped your talents?
Activities/sports in which you were involved.
Describe your high school years.
Describe your college years.
Do you have any regrets up to this point in your life?
If yes, what would that be?
Please state whether you agree or disagree with the following statements as they relate to starting and running a business:
Success doesn't happen overnight Agree Disagree
Setbacks will be experienced Agree Disagree
Hope and a dream keep you going Agree Disagree
Naysayers will test you Agree Disagree
Emotional strains on personal
relationships will be experienced
Agree Disagree
Family and friends will be politely
supportive, even though they have their doubts
Agree Disagree
Money is sometimes tight Agree Disagree
Professional advice is necessary Agree Disagree
Emotional, physical and spiritual pressure
will be felt
Agree Disagree
Fleeting moments of depression and doubt
maybe experienced
Agree Disagree
I am a team player Agree Disagree

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