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“There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re an outstanding leader. You’re compassionate, charismatic, self-assuring, etc. I came to your seminar feeling frustrated and left feeling in control. You inspire us all!”

- Renee Rodgers-Barstack
Director, Glendale Community College


“We’re fortunate to have heard of your reputation…”

- Gary Varnell, Director
Philip Morris


“You are a dynamic speaker with an excellent knack for informing and educating. You have a way of holding one’s interest and attention. I would encourage others to see you in action and I will take it upon myself to put the word out for others to attend one of your workshops.”

- James A. Wolfinger, District Manager
U S West Cellular


“R.J. did a superb job. Not only did he keep 53 persons interested for seven hours on a Saturday with his presentation skills, the content was high quality too.”

- Patricia J. Shore, Director Academic Affairs
Averett College


“You proved yourself to be a truly knowledgeable and capable teacher of the principles of management and leadership. It is evident to us that the principles you taught are being practiced daily by our managers. You have given them a stepping stone to progress to the next level of professional management, thereby strengthening our organization.”

- Peter Francis, Director
American Express Travel Related Services


“I’ve heard and seen R.J. give his seminar. His golf tips are as valuable as his business tips.”

- Bernd Glaeser, Founder
Streets of New York Restaurants


“Every beginner should have this book. I just took up golf and as a woman I felt intimidated. This book has given me knowledge and confidence.”

- Bobbie Marino, Director
Mayo Clinic


“Excellent, excellent…both morning and afternoon sessions…thank you!”

- John B. Hunt, Manager, Auxiliary Services
Maricopa Community Colleges


“Humorous, insightful…a must reading for everyone.”

- Rudy Brueman
Former two time World Amateur Golf Champion

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