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R.J. has interviewed and researched ordinary men and women who have done extraordinary thins in their lives. He shares with his audiences what they have in common with these extraordinary people. His years of research will have you inspired to do extraordinary things with not only your professional life but also your personal life. Applying the strategies and thought processes of these extraordinary people will benefit anyone who chooses to become extraordinary.

Sample Speech Topics:
Achieving in times of change–What it takes to become a Super-Achiever
1.5 hours to half day

Ordinary people say, "I can't afford that." Extraordinary people say, "How can I afford that?" The difference is the way extraordinary men and woman think and act. Over three years of interviewing and researching "Super-Achievers", R.J. shares with his audience what it takes to become extraordinary in one's professional and personal life.

What they didn't teach you in business school...could be holding you back

1 hour to half day

It is amazing that so many men and women who have graduated from college are not well prepared for the real world's expectations of them in the corporate arena. They are well prepared from a "book-learning" experience but lack the skills that are required and demanded by management. The audience will learn the top 10 attributes senior management expects of these college graduates.

If it weren't for these customers my job would be a lot easier

1.5 hours to half day

Wouldn't it be nice to only hire "nice people" for customer service positions? Well you can. Learn the secrets of those who have passion to serve and what it could do for your organization.

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